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Thank you for thinking about joining the Denver Medical Society, the oldest medical society in the Rocky Mountain region. This is truly one stop shopping as one application not only gives you access to the DMS, but to all levels of organized medicine including the Colorado Medical Society and the American Medical Society. You are encouraged to join all levels, but you may limit your participation to DMS, to DMS and CMS, or you can go for the gold ring and sign up for all three.

Active Members:

An Active member of the DMS is a physician, either a doctor of medicine or of osteopathy, who is licensed by the State of Colorado or otherwise legally entitled to practice medicine in Colorado, who is of good moral and professional reputation, and whose principal place of practice is in the Denver Metropolitan Area. A physician whose principal place of practice is outside the Denver Metropolitan Area (except military or U.S. Public Health Service physicians) normally does not become an Active Member of the DMS, but instead is encouraged to join the local medical society serving that physician's community. All Active Members have the right to vote and hold office in the DMS. Residents, interns, and physicians in other full-time post-graduate training also may join the DMS as Active members.

For dues purposes only, Active members are subclassified as follows:

Regular: Full Time Active Practice - $295.00 per year
New Practice: Reduced dues for the first two years for members who are newly establishing clinical or full-time academic medical practices in the Denver metro area.
New Practice I (1st Year) - $150.00 per year
New Practice II (2nd year) - $220.00 per year
Graduate: Reduced dues during the period of an AMA or AOA approved full-time post-graduate training (includes residencies, fellowships and preceptor-ships).
Graduate - $25.00 per year

Associate Members:

An Associate member of the DMS is a licensed physician who does not practice in Colorado, or who is an Active member of another local medical society in Colorado affiliated with the Colorado Medical Society or a member of the Colorado Society of Osteopathic Medicine, who wishes to be affiliated with The Denver Medical Society. Associate Members may not vote or hold office in the DMS.

Associate - $50.00 per year

Because the Medical Society pro-rates its dues according to the quarter of the year in which you join, it is important that you call us (303) 377-1850 to determine what your dues will be. It may be considerably less than you expect.

If you wish to join the Colorado Medical Society we can also advise you if proration applies. Once elected by the DMS, your application and check made payable to the Colorado Medical Society will be forwarded for you. Once elected by DMS, your membership in CMS is automatic.

Colorado Medical Society dues are:

Active - Has been in practice for 2 years or more - $545.00
Active I - First year in practice - $191.00
Active II - Second year in practice - $382.00
Graduate - No charge

Active I and Active II dues classifications are for doctors in their first two years of practice in any location. If a doctor has practiced for two years anywhere, in Colorado or out of Colorado, the doctor will qualify as an Active member and pay regular Active dues. Call the Membership Department at the Colorado Medical Society at (720) 858-6306 if you have any questions about CMS membership dues.

American Medical Association dues schedule uses the same definitions as the Colorado Medical Society and are as follows:

Regular Active: $420.00
First Year in Practice: $210.00
Second Year in Practice: $315.00
Intern and Resident: $45.00

Contact the AMA's Department of Membership Information Services at (312) 464-4783 if you have any questions regarding this information.

Click here to Download an Application or contact us to have one mailed to you.
Phone: (303) 377-1850
Fax: (303) 331-9839
Email: info@denvermedsociety.org


Denver Medical Society 1850 Williams Street Denver, CO 80218
Phone: (303) 377-1850 Fax: (303) 331-9839 Email: