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The following informational sites should provide you with answers to your questions, guidelines to developing plans, and additional interpretations and clarifications.  
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

lists current rules, guides and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, information on the law, regulations and enforcement. It also contains requirements on "administrative simplification" standards. You may direct questions on administrative simplification by calling the HIPAA Hot Line at (866) 282-0659. 

CMS HIPAA 101 Video and CD-Rom packed with tips for preparing your office for HIPAA.  Order for only $13 at http://www.ntis.gov.

The U. S. Department of Health and Human Servicesí Office for Civil Rights (OCR) http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/hipaa oversees privacy requirements. Check here for rules and rule changes and frequently asked questions.  Alternately, questions related to privacy may be directed to (866) 627-7748.

Want to test your knowledge on medical privacy? Take the "Top Fifteen Privacy Concerns" quiz at www.regreform.hhs.gov/HIPAAQUIZ_0204171/sld001.htm

Need sample forms?
Try these websites:
    American Medical Association www.ama-assn.org
    Copic at www.copic.com


The following vendors, services and products have been identified as thoughtful and competent companies. What distinguishes the applicability of one company from another often is influenced by practice size, workload, availability and the ability of staff to identify and implement policies and practices to ensure HIPAA compliance. All are worth a look, but only you can determine what your practice requires.

HIPAA Solutions RX
, www.hipaarx.net/partner_denvermed.htm, has developed QuickStart which has over 35 policies, forms and agreements, many of which are needed to comply with the regulations.  HIPAA eCollege is a web-based training course via an internet connection.  It greatly simplifies workforce training, and as an internet program, it allows staff training during off peak time.  It effectively manages, scores and documents training activities. DMS has negotiated preferred rates for its members. Go directly to their website at or phone them at (503) 579-4484.

Common D, www.commond.com, will design, and deploy a complete HIPAA security technologies to be integrated into the infrastructure and endpoints.  Highly professional consultants and staff.  

PrivaPlan (toll free 877-218-7707 or www.privaplan.com) provides a 10 step approach to HIPAA compliance.  Includes the mandatory form templates as well as training and reference materials.  $395 retail, although discounts may apply.

HIPAA in 24 hours: HIPAA for Physicians
, www.hipaa-it.com.  Provides a basic overview of the regulations including forms and policies in a concise format.  $5 for on-line access to guidebook or $25 for paper copy and information on disk.


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